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I grew up in a disfuncional environment with no traditional background. Being a child of the counter culture, my quest for Spiritual Truth led me from drug to drug, philosophy to philosophy...into every trap from drug addition to zen. For one quarter of a century I was lost in the darkness, with a journal I called "passing thoughts" and a Bible given to me by my Spainish/Navajo grandmother. For the past quarter century I have been following Jesus, on what has proved to be a great adventure. Now, as I enter my 50th year, I continue on the journey, with a new "journal", this blog...and with anticipation of great things to come, and with an invitation to all who care to share ideas with this old sojourner.

Sunday, August 13, 2006

Treasures out of Darkness

To the Glory of God, creator of Heaven and Earth
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Sunday, July 30, 2006

Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem

Just What Are We Praying ?

Pray for the peace of Jerusalem:
May they prosper who love you.
May peace be your walls,
And prosperity within your palaces.
For the sake of my brothers and my friends,
I will now say,
May peace be within you.
For the sake of the house of Yahweh our God
I will seek your good.
Psalm 122:6-9

This group of words invoke many teachings and exchange. Pryor to the current conflict in the Middle East the most frequent teaching concerning this among American churches had to do with the issue of “prosper” as in, “to gain something”. Now, at this time the focus has shifted and lines are being drawn. People are placing themselves on one side or the other, ,often resulting from improper understanding of “Shalom” - completeness and “ Sh‘al’- to inquire, ask, request. In this psalm “Sh’al is translated “pray” - understood generically. Once we understand we can“seek”- “Ba qar” make a search / meditate, the “good” - Tov used throughout the Creationstory, of the house of Yahweh , the picture changes!
Peace in the English thinking mind is understood as “stopping of hostilities” a conflictless existence. A state of tranquility more like a trancelike stupor/ utopian condition. Many of us have the image of the daisy in the M1 rifle from the 60’s protest / hippy days. As many learned, flowers cannot plug the barrel of a rifle.
The Hebrew mind - that of the writer and first hears of this Psalm, did not have these thoughts in mind when Yahweh was communicating this command. Moreover the Holy Spirit, in choosing the time and vocabulary of that historic setting, had and has specific concepts He wants to reveal to every age based upon the understanding of the historic hearers of the closed message. [This is the task of the exegete concerning any section of Scripture and as Paul says in Eph. 4 one of the Gifts given to the Body of Christ.] Understanding the concepts in each generation, applying the message to our generation’s day and time, becomes our task. Faithful followers need to “inquire” as the text says and come to the understanding of those to whom it was first revealed before we can truly follow the directives in a living society. Otherwise Scripture becomes an authoritarian proof text instead of the living heart and mind of the Creator - Yahweh. Once understood the unadorned / plain / simple - meaning for our time can be “considered” - “Ba qar”- translated seek in verse nine, becomes the outcome of this inquiry. Once the mind of Yahweh becomes revealed and understood the truth derived from the text can be applied in any contemporary setting. This application then shows forth the heart of Yahweh through The Body of Christ and reveals the actions of the Holy Spirit the same way leaves moving reveal the action of the wind.
Shalom, Sh’al, Tov, and Ba qar become essential - pivotal concepts in this command of Yahweh written by David as a Psalm of Ascent to Jerusalem for Feast participants intended for those arriving for teaching or worship. For the sake of understanding here I will rewrite 122:6-9. Mind you this is not an authoritative translation but an insertion of the root concepts to help us get an idea of the intent of Yahweh’s directive. This is the Pastor Art paraphrase - conclusion if this were the morning discourse.

Inquire / ask about the completeness or beneficial soundness of Jerusalem
May those who love Her and do this become complete and sound as well
May this completeness become the walls that protect you and form your community
And may your leaders know this as well
And for those of the same heart - the Holy community of Yahweh
May this completeness - soundness be within you
For the sake of Yahweh and His house - not mine
I will consider / reflect / meditate on what this means
Yahweh’s good - Tov like that of pure unfallen creation
I will seek for Jerusalem
This is to be the outcome of my task - the answer to my inquiry

Why is this important? We are in the day that the enemies of Israel are voicing Her demise. These voices whether openly without carefully chosen words or those who hide behind “Spiritualizing” the existence of the landgrant of Yahweh to the people who are Hebrew are both speaking curses. From the foundation of the Nation of Israel - Torah taught that those who surrender to the commonwealth standards Israel and Her people would be treated as natural born citizens - sons of Abraham. That citizenship was lived out within the physical landgrant of Yahweh and that has not changed and will not change. The land of Israel belongs to the Hebrew - Jewish or descended of other Nations by natural or grafted in citizenship. [This statement is not a declaration concerning redemption but the reality of the saved by the choice to join Yahweh and His Kingdom through Christ - Psalm 122:6-9 ] Deuteronomy 32:7-8 and the Book of Acts 17:26 confirming, instruct us that Yahweh set boundaries and times for the Nations. This includes the physical land of Israel where Her citizens dwell. When the land was given to Abraham’s sons. Yahweh defined who received what, Genesis 15:18-21, Genesis 21:9ff. And since that opening title giving, the Nations have received their land grants. This has not changed and the land is the completeness of Israel we must meditate upon and seek as Her Shalom. It is true that in this fallen situation the acquiring of the land may have difficulties, after all, Israel’s enemies will speak and act deceptively to strip Her of the land. However the fact of who’s land it is has not changed and the Shalom of Israel will not be complete unless and until they hold it within walls of shalom! As for peoples within the boarders of the defined physical place, they have mandates from Scripture concerning their living situations and allegiance.
What is the Tov? It is at least the same as any other sovereign people. To defend and to reclaim what has been taken, up to and including the actions of war. Thieves must come to justice and even though this age will not produce that justice those who have been unjustly treated, they still have reason to claim and to try to receive justice until the day of justice. Moreover, we who should understand this should stand with Her or we will fall with Her enemies!
Pastor Art

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

In the Wilderness - Listen

Our God reaches down, touching the reason for our stoning
He's writing in the dust of our death the letters of His Name
The desperate voices of the world, rise to Him, in the wind driven dust
Skull hill the Father's response, Christ's blood giving life through His Passion...

Listen wilderness, wonder staggering in the parching waste
Soiled with death's dust carried by the swirling Devil wind
Hear Yahweh's whisper, His voice, the spring of living Water
Oasis pool of life, refreshing the weary, washing the soiled.

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

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Sunday, March 26, 2006

The Sound of Yahweh’s Voice from Salvation History
Returning to the Hearts of the Fathers

As I write this the reports of world news roll around in my mind. The reports softly speak of Europe looking at a future where segregated living my be needed. Murmurings of making colonies of isolated Islamic immigrates. The population rate of European bloodlines are in negative birth rates. The foreigner population is soon to out strip the old peoples. The fastest growing religion is Islamic and the distain for Christianinity is evident everywhere.
Why, why is this? The answer is nothing short of Biblical proportions! Scripture tells us that unrighteousness as a foundation for building a nation will end in its demise. The Americas were built upon unrighteousness. Slavery, moving of ancient boundaries, exploiting widows and orphans, greed, and other exploitations built the nations of the Americas especially the US. The root of this injustice comes from the Nations of Europe and their perversion of cultural superiority and twisting the Gospel to the advantage of the exploiters.
Scripture says through out that the conditions and actions of this nature used as the foundation of a society will cause that society to be swallowed up by the land or spit out or have ones enemies overrun the land. Wombs will be barren the land unfruitful ect. We are watching the completion of the evil just as with the Canaanites completion just before the release of the Nation to become Israel. The days of the Euro - American dominance and the form of religion derived out of Her are coming to an end. The signs and the conformation from Scripture for those who have ears and eyes is plain. This stirring deep within me truly comes from Yahweh He has written it in His testimony - Torah as the pattern of the rise and fall of power dominance clearing the way for His people to be raised up. The rising is coming the past unrighteous Euro conquest opened doors but the wrong - ends was achieved. The voices of the oppressed are being heard and the hand of Yahweh is moving across the face of the earth to make righteous His name soiled! Beware repent listen awake reject the teaching that turns one from the God of Torah from Yahweh and live!
This is written from an unfolding vision from inquiry at His Throne.
Pastor Art

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Has Salvation Become Cultural Elitism?

Unto all the Nations…

The first place we encounter man is Gen.1:26, “Let us make man in Our image” Yahweh speaking, helps reveal the idea of many from the one. The characteristics, nature, and unfathomable Devine diversity within that statement is over looked. Out of First Adam mankind has spread across the face of the Earth. After enough people were born Yahweh implemented His plan even through the rebellion spoken about around Babel mitigated against His plan and command given to the first couple in Gen.1:28 in the Garden before the Fall. Yahweh’s plan did not change after blessing Noah and his sons' commissions given them with the same mandate as Adam and Eve. Their descendents refused. Yahweh so set on this diversity confused the ability to communicate universally therefore forming the various cultures. One person could not reflect the “Image of Yahweh” neither could a single culture.

Within these cultures the expressions of “the unknown God” the “Great Spirit” the “Supreme One” in whatever name or concept He is known as, provides evidence that His existence is innate knowledge. Paul in his “Gospel of God” Romans 1:1 starts at this point instead of with Jewish proofs evolved with Messiah because he speaks to those ignorant of the “specific revelation - Torah”; “What therefore you worship in ignorance, this I proclaim to you”, Acts 17:23. This is a constant in Paul’s instruction originating from his Jewish roots. The Sanhedrin were made up of Rabbis / scholars of every intellectual discipline. This included a man among the 70 completely versed in the religions and philosophies of the gentiles. This man was known as the “Apostle to the Gentiles”. His place on that counsel was to go and instruct gentiles that inquired of Israel concerning Yahweh and the Covenant and their desire to enter into the commonwealth of Israel. Mind you I am not saying that this was Paul’s seat as a Pharisee however it would seem that he was assigned this task first by Jesus then confirmed and recognized by James at the Jerusalem Council, Acts 15. He uses this title directly and indirectly throughout his letters, Rom.1:5, 11:13, Gal.2:8, 1st Tim.2:7, and 2nd Tim.1:11.

Paul in Acts 17:24-31 speaking to the “intellectuals” on Mars Hill starts from their understanding and proceeds to reveal more of who this “unknown God” is to those willing to hear. Paul writes consistent with his teaching, in his letter to Rome he explains that “Natural or General revelation” reveals the truth about God, Creator God. He says that this understanding is “evident” and “understandable” however rejected on the whole by men darkening their hearts so that their worship is idolatry. This exchange of “Glory - worship” sealed the sin nature of individuals rooted in the inherited sin from First Adam sealing all men within the sphere of original sin with the fruit of rejection of the evident understanding of The God who created and should be worshiped as such. Reality of Gen.1-3 replayed in each individual as it was in the individual status at the opening of history therefore bestowing upon each individual inherited - original sin and actual sin therefore causing all to be culpable and just recipients of this God’s wrath, Rom.1:18f.

This however does not prescribe a universalistic doctrine of salvation or damnation for people unable to receive the completed revelation coming from the Jews, John 4:22. Original Sin and the Fallen nature of man after 1st Adam is not negated here this is what Paul is getting at with his introduction to the teaching of Romans - the nature of man after the Fall is to turn away from what is right before their eyes in exchange for the lesser glory in the same way as their corporate Father 1st Adam. Paul then from the establishment of man’s current condition deprived in all aspects - mind, body, and spirit, not just mind or body or spirit “total”. (for most cultures throughout history as it is today the condition of mankind was believed to be a status of good or neutral from birth and varying conditions between) upon establishing this Paul proceeds to explain that mankind all mankind including the Hebrews who were set aside and chosen to tell the Nation’s this, but for the most part failed, can now choose to reverse as it were, their choice. All of the Fallen can exchange the glory of creation - sin and death - for the glory of the Creator - life and shalom - through Jesus (basic outline of the Gospel). Yahweh’s desire is that all men be saved - ie become a part of 2nd Adam - Jesus.

Hebrews 11, (specifically 14-16) speaks to what Paul is detailing in his writings. Those in this list were seeking beyond the revealed understanding of their time in history and cultural understanding and honoring the Creator made evident to them within their historical and cultural setting. Yes, the revealed Torah became known in many lives historically however not all, especially evident, Abraham who’s example becomes the standard, Gal.3:29.

“All these died in faith’ without receiving the promises, but having seen them and having welcomed them from a distance, and having confessed that they were strangers and exiles on the earth. For those who say such things make it clear that they are seeking a country of their own…”
Hebrews 11:13-14

Paul opens his “Gospel of God” explaining that all could seek and come to acknowledge and understanding of the Creator even though not completely revealed. However “By Faith… they gained approval”. before Moses the object of their faith was, as Paul teaches opening Romans the Creator - generic by identity but still evident and understandable all the same. The first to embody this faith after Noah; who found grace and was a righteous man and called to be a prophet by Yahweh’s testimony Gen.6:7-9, was Abraham, who was willing to forsake father and mother etc… for the sake of the kingdom, being obedient to what was revealed to him, Gen. 15:6 Rom.4:3, Gal.3:6, James 2:22-23 - meeting Jesus’ requirements and most probably in the minds of the Hebrews’ hearing Jesus speak, Abraham is the standard understood since he did just that. As we read at Paul’s hand this Abraham per Gal.3:29, is the father of those who seek beyond the creation for the Creator to worship Him.
As with how we “moderns” define “Salvation” through the completed revelation, like those who sought and found the evidenced Creator there are conditions for receiving the “Grace of Yahweh” this condition was then as now; once the understanding that our Creator has to be worshiped we have to choose to submit then obey the growing understanding of His revealed commands - in our day embodied in Scripture. However, through the ages just like the “salvation and deliverance” given to Noah (one specific example) the requirements will not match the Covenant requirements of the completed. The full revelation being more detailed still has the foundation exampled by Abraham, taught by Jesus, and explained by Paul to those who were ignorant. However there was Grace all the same!! This dynamic of Yahweh’s consistent nature would still apply even today for anyone meeting that situation. Salvation through Jesus means just that; when He is revealed to any individual and declared to be “Yahweh - LORD” then … therefore if someone who because of historical and cultural limits worships the “Creator” and not the Creator’s creation whether or not that person knows the “NAME”, he has fulfilled the conditions in the same way as those listed in Hebrews 11. Once the face of the Creator they see their heart will declare Jesus LORD. How will Jesus respond?…

Am I saying that there is salvation apart from the Cross and the Gospel that explains why the Cross? NO! However, faith is defined by what is unseen - more definitely the assurance and conviction of the unseen, the invisible. The Gospel then is the report detailing to the hearer who has a worldview, of the truth of this Creator perceived in every culture and understood through that culture and historical setting. Our job as witnesses - Gospel bearers - becomes in the same way as Phillip in Acts 8 and Paul in Acts 17 to inquire into the current understanding of the person or people group we come into contact with and proceed to provide the full revelation. But for those either because of history setting or other circumstances the Cross event does not have to be seen to have an effect on those who like Abraham worship the Creator awaiting more complete information. Thomas expresses need to “see” the resurrected Christ before he would believe the reports of the resurrection. After Jesus makes Himself visible again in Thomas’ presence He makes clear that a blessedness is given to believers whose eyes and by the situation, other senses do not experience what the generation of His incarnation experiences “yet believe”. Jesus speaks referring to, “They who did not see”, an aorist tense concept. This statement can mean past historically or an one time event. This section is taught wrongly as an imperfect future event as if Jesus is saying from this time forward those who will not be able to see as you on this day they are blessed. I myself have wrongly taught this but the text and the context of the examples already explored and others from Scripture can not uphold this.

We in our day and historical setting benefit from the invisible God made visible, Colossians 1:14f through the testimony of eyewitnesses however as per Hebrews 11 and Jesus in John 20 those who had not seen, yet still believed in the invisible Creator and did not turn to worship the glories of that creation as gods, past present or future, they are blessed! Can that mean anything other then the embrace of Salvation?
Pastor Art

Monday, February 13, 2006

Teach Us to Pray

Teach us to Pray
When asked Jesus answered…

This is the second part of Matt. 18. I purposed in the earlier post that the context and flow of Jesus’ teaching speaks about the use of authority for correction within the body of Christ. A strong point in favor for this I left out, Peter’s next question,
Lord, how often shall my brother sin against me and I forgive him?
Jesus answers his question still following the flow of authority within the Kingdom because this was the topic at hand not prayer. Jesus infers the cycle of Jubilee - a Kingdom principle. Since we are not speaking about forgiveness and justice at this time I will leave that for a future post. The point though is that Peter nor any of the other listeners considered that Jesus was applying these concepts to prayer but order within the Kingdom.
However the disciples did ask about prayer. Luke 11:1-2, corresponds conceptually with Matt. 6:9-13. These seem to be two different settings indicating the importance. In Luke where the question is asked by “One of His disciples” the answer is accompanied by parables, while Matt. places Jesus’ instruction within the Sermon on the Mount in the flow of other aspects of prayer. We will delve into these at another time because they serve as illustrations of the outline and are interconnected helping develop the proper impetus, the Kingdom impetus concerning prayer.
We will focus on what I see as the intercession/petition section. Scripture gives evidence that Kingdom /Heavenly patterns have been revealed and acted out and should be continued until Jesus’ return, Ex.25 & Heb.8:2, John 5:19, 7:16-19.
Thy Kingdom come. Thy will be done,
On earth as it is in heaven.
Matt. 6:10
…thy Kingdom come…
As evidenced by the short phrase in Luke the outline aspect is quite pronounced. I would think it fair to say Jesus’ instruction here, especially within the Sermon setting is a type of manifesto/ declaration ratifying the entering of Yahweh’s Kingdom rule among men. Opening this manifesto Jesus identifies the character that will start to develop within and among His subjects, Matt. 5:3-12. Next He speaks of our purpose as we dwell within other Kingdoms until He returns,5:13-16. Jesus thirdly makes quite clear that His actions will not alter the established Covenant but uphold it dynamically until heaven and earth “pass away”. In so doing He proves His authenticity as a Prophet per Deut. 13, Rev.22:16f. Moreover, the instructions of the current stewards “Scribes and Pharisees” need to be observed Matt.23:1-3,and surpassed not eradicated, since those taught in the truth stored up now joining the newly “harvested” fruit of Jesus’ teaching have a double portion, Matt.13:52. Placed together with Matt. 23:1-3 He indicates that the teachings of old are right and true and foundation for our action, Jer.6:16-21, Ezk.7:23-27,Psalm 11:3, John 5:37-47. Jesus then gives examples, illustrating how a society foundationed in Torah contrasts with the society currently surrounding them, 5:21-48 see also Isaiah 58 comparing the type of society depicted as the true fast to existing societies upon the earth, also inferred in Isaiah 55:6-9.
Jesus turning from describing the character and social structure of His “church plant” if you will, begins to address our interactions with Him while He prepares our permanent dwelling in His Father’s house, John 14. Remember the ears hearing Jesus speak are not the ears of modernity. Understanding the setting holds many keys to His instruction. He knows that those following Him understand the Torah’s social structure and the corrective instruction of the Prophets, this admonition gives weight and definition to “…whoever annuls… and so teaches… and , … all they tell you, do and observe, but…” . Why does understanding the setting hold great importance? Because false teaching becomes easer either by design or ignorance when the foundations are gone, Psalm 11:3 ect. Today we need teachers who will take the time needed to open up the setting of Scripture (old treasure) thereby understand its full impact as the living and powerful word (new treasure) can be applied to each current culture. Those who do this receive the honor of the faithfully teaching from the seat of Moses and upholding the standard of Deut.13, Matt.5:17f, and Rev.22:18f quoting Deut.4.
This next section, “preaching point” involves allegiance. Malachi 1:6-14 spoke about this issue of the Fear of Yahweh displayed in the purity of ones sacrifice given to show honor, either to the governor or to Yahweh. Jesus speaking to this issue here depicts misplaced fear as hypocrisy. As Malachi explains the truth of our actions, the reality of who we fear becomes evident by whose eyes are intended to see our spiritual activity. Do we make a show out in the open with great fanfare, or speak meaningless repeated phrases hoping to attract the attention of Yahweh like pagans, supposing the abundance of sound proves sincerity therefore deserving a hearing? Or do we enter into the secret place, like Daniel, David, Jesus, or any number of those listed in Hebrews 11. What becomes evident before Yahweh becomes respected among men, even if only to trap one, Dan.3:8f, 6:16, Matt. 26:36f.
Jesus tells us that our Father knows our needs even before we ask. Therefore getting His attention and informing Him concerning provision are not an object of prayer. Daniel nine reveals this, Daniel understands that the time has come for Yahweh to restore Israel from captivity from reading the “books”. He then proceeds agreeing with Yahweh entering into prayer showing his understanding of the situation from the Scriptures, closing his prayer, verse 19 with "act on our behalf".
First thing needed to be understood status; we are sons since He who is in heaven is our Father. We inherit, obey, and represent not ourselves or the society common to those whose father originates from creation, First Adam. We inherit, obey, and represent the Creator, our Heavenly Father, whose name is Holy. The definition of Holy from the context of Scripture means separate, not the same as what is in apposition to it, in this case the earth/ creation and the Fallen social structure.
Our next understanding derives from the first. If we are children of another reality the contrast between Kingdom reality and Fallen reality becomes the directive for prayer as it did for Daniel, “on earth the same way as it is in Heaven". Therefore our first request / concern intensifies out of our desire, our mourning, our hunger and thirst for righteousness, and the other aspects of our new and different character. As we grow into mature sons our understanding of Kingdom principles will become clearer. And as I said in “Acting as His Son” Yahweh bestows upon us His authority when we understand His goals, ways, [Isaiah 55: 8-9, 1st Corth.2:11-16] and respond with independent - not rebellious independence but with likeminded responsibility as He would, John 5:19f, 14:12f because we are His interdependent body 1st Corth.12.
Just what does this mean?
These things I have written to you who believe
In the name of the Son of God,
In order that you may know that you have eternal life.
And this is the confidence which we have before Him,
That, if,
We ask anything according to His will,
He hears us.
And if we know that He hears us in whatever we ask,
We know that we have the requests which we have asked from Him.

1st John 5:13-15
Our primal understanding concerning prayer unfolds out of the foundation that requesting from the Father is covenantal. After giving us the outline for prayer in Matt. Jesus continues to bring up the need to be growing, maturing, becoming single minded, and increasingly anxiety free. Part of understanding His will is knowing that we under His care and provision are known and our needs are understood by Him before we even have an inkling what they might be and they will be given. He does not want us to be occupied - anxiety driven when we come into His throne room. Our time with Him, our prayer should not be occupied with the desires of the flesh so to speak. Since we have been restored to the status of the Garden the provisional aspects of our sustenance should increasingly resemble more the faith that our Father will not starve or destroy us through any lack even while in this fallen world. Therefore our concerns need to grow in focus with the needs of restoration/ reconciliation,2nd Corth.5:18-21 and it follows that our prayers will reflect that.
Keep asking, seeking, and knocking. These concepts echo the turning points of repentance throughout Salvation History. A couple of examples 2nd Chron.15:12-15, Jeremiah 29:12f. Throughout Salvation History individuals or the Nation of Israel buried under the justice of the Covenant’s curse who call out receive an answer of Salvation. Psalm 119:1-8 tells us that the object of this continued seeking is keeping diligently Torah resulting in a blameless life. The Covenant conditions of Yahweh’s promises are eternal as testified to by John
If we confess our sins,
He is faithful and righteous to forgive us our sins
And to cleanse us from all
1st John 1:9
With each disciplinary confession we grow. Maturity is reflected in wisdom engendering trust and greater responsibility. Our heart conforming to Yahweh’s desires increasingly pours out intercessions from the change of our will away from earthly actions. We begin to seek the higher thoughts through the mind of Christ. We start to instigate together as the intergraded members of His Body activities based upon heaven’s principles. And when the task becomes larger then us, seeking of the Father’s direction becomes habitual instead of a desperate cry of despair.
A few years back I was shown this in a vision;
It was early morning in a deep old growth forest. To one side sits a man on a stump. As the sun rises another man comes into sight carrying a crosscut two man saw. The second man begins to cut down this huge tree. The first man asks if he could help. No I can do this is the response. As the sun rises and it gets warmer the man cutting away takes of a layer of clothing starting to break a sweat. Long about 10:00 comes break time and the saw blade has just cut through the bark. After the man with the saw takes his break the one on the stump asks again if he could help. The msn now striped off a couple more layers and is feeling the load of his task still turns down assistance. Lunch comes around the man with the saw has cut deep enough to begin to get sawdust from the wood. Again the man on the stump asks if he could assist, receiving a negative response. This continues throughout the day until nearly sun down. Finally just before giving up the man on the stump asks if he could help the man with the saw said ok. So the man on the stump went over took the handle on the other side and with one clean effortless draw of the saw the tree fell!
The man on the stump is Jesus waiting for us to ask His assistance. The task under His hand was achieved through His effort. But until He is allowed to join in the task is beyond our completion.
At the time of the vision the application needed was to surrender to Jesus’ assistance. Since then the application points to upon entering the work of the Kingdom I/we need at the start of any task climb up on the stump with Jesus and begin to seek His direction and when He heads towards the trees grab a hold of the other side of the saw He has put the blade to.
So using the imagery of this vision, applied to Jesus’ outline directive, prayer becomes first and foremost taking a hold of the King’s saw and standing across from Him as He picks the trees and hold on tight as He takes down obstacles with one fall swoop. The directive of “on earth the same way as it is in Heaven” does not allow for men agreeing between one another receiving the seal of approval from Heaven. But unmistakably points us to more of a Daniel application. We study the Scriptures. We come to understand Yahweh’s will. Upon understanding His will we see the contrast between Heaven’s rule and begin to correct discrepancies between Heaven’s doing and earth’s doing and where the abilities of man are lacking He is on the other end of the saw providing what we need to endure in His task. More to come.
Pastor Art